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Ahla w sahla bi Beit Douma! This is your home away from home, a Beit to share with your family and friends.

Douma is one of the last Lebanese preserved villages…A postcard photo in the heart of the Batroun Mountains.

Beit Douma is an old, traditional Lebanese house that has been restored in a simple and subtle way. The oldest part of the ground floor dates back to the 18th century, and some of the original Summaqi stone floor remains in the library. The original Hharounn has also been preserved – a hole in the floor that when filled with hot coals heats the room. The library is filled with cook books and plenty of DVDs to choose from, which you are invited to project for a movie’s night!

The kitchen is an open and light-filled space where breakfast is served, and where home guests are invited to give a hand to prepare lunch or dinner. Guests are also welcome to help themselves from the tea and coffee counter, which always has one or two desserts at hand.

Only one room is available on the garden floor with windows surrounded by jasmine and laurel.

The first floor is centered around the Dar, which looks out towards an endless view of Tripoli and the sea through typical Lebanese triple arches. Five rooms are available on the first floor, each with its private bathroom.

Beit Douma is surrounded by large terraces, gardens, and orchards. A Tabouneh (traditional mud-brick oven), hand-built by our bread queen Em Ali, is built on the kitchen terrace to make fresh Manakeesh.

Yalla, we are waiting for you bi Beit Douma!

Your Home Away from Home

  • Please smoke outdoors; it will give you an excuse to enjoy the beautiful panorama!
  • Our old windows and walls are not soundproof, so please be considerate of other guests during the early mornings and in the afternoons when using public spaces. Other spaces, such as the garden, provide privacy in which you can always enjoy the company of your friends and family.