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Tfadalou aal Beit, your ‘home away from home’ in rural Lebanon.

The Souk El Tayeb Family is delighted to announce the opening of Beit Ammiq, Beit Douma and Beit El Qamar, a cluster of quality B and B “homes” where visitors enjoy traditional Lebanese hospitality and cuisine in contemporary comfort.

Beit is the latest step in the Souk El Tayeb journey which began in 2004 with the founding of a weekly farmers’ market in the heart of Beirut, bringing rural produce to the urban environment, as a way of uniting communities and supporting small scale agriculture. In 2009 came Tawlet, the farmers’ kitchen where everyday, with a unique buffet lunch, a different cook from a different region of Lebanon tells the story of that region through food. After lunch, the Dekenet, farmers’ shop, offers homemade goods and mouneh produced by these very same cooks.

The next logical step was Beit. In Arabic, Beit means house, or home and importantly, the family name… min beit meen? (which home/family are you from?). Thus Beit is about welcome, warmth, comfort and heritage.

Each Beit, with its unique character highlighting the regions traditions, is named after its village or town and offers the visitor the opportunity to learn and enjoy first hand, local traditions and indigenous food practices. Just as farmers and producers come from their towns to Beirut for the weekly farmers’ market, now city dwellers get a chance absorb the full rural experience.  By restoring and converting old Lebanese houses into guest homes, the Souk El Tayeb family continues to support rural communities and the survival of Lebanon’s architectural and cultural heritage.