Capacity Building


Souk El Tayeb’s Capacity Building Program (CBP) aims to empower small scale farmers, producers, cooks and underprivileged communities by providing them with necessary skills and know-how to allow them to become economically independent. By this token, the program also seeks to protect and revive the culinary traditions of concerned target beneficiaries. Embedded within the CBP program is the inextricable aim of peace building; “Make Food Not War”.

By the end of the CBP program, target beneficiaries are equipped with the technical, the financial and the personal skills to start their own catering lines and business should they wish to do so. Programs are crafted with experts and chefs, where theoretical, technical, and vocational skills are taught. Some of these skills include self-confidence, culinary and agricultural know-how, food safety, corporate identity creation, and marketing and branding…

Once the program has ended, Souk El Tayeb continues to provide participants with necessary backstopping in their sales and marketing efforts. Start-up catering lines and businesses are supported by Souk El Tayeb’s existing facilities and events, such as the Farmers’ Market, Tawlet, Food and Feast, and other Souk-related events.

Since its inception in 2012, Souk El Tayeb has partnered with the International Labour Organization (ILO), The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), The International Rescue Committee (IRC), Caritas, Ruwwad al Tanmeya (in Tripoli), The Women’s Program Association (WPA) and more…The total number of beneficiaries has now exceeded 300 people belonging to various groups: migrant workers, rural and urban Lebanese women, as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugees, making the CBP program an integral part of Souk El Tayeb. Furthermore, the success of the CBP program has allowed new partners to replicate the project module and to continually reach out to new beneficiaries.

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