Wine List and Boutique

The wine list and boutique has over 100 wines by all Lebanon’s producers – nearly 40 of them – each with its own tasting note. Wines are sold either for consumption at Tawlet or to take home at retail price.

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Adyar Couvent Rouge
Aurora Domaine de Baal
Bargylus Domaine de Mas Helios
Batroun Mountains Domaine des Cedres
Cave Kouroum Domaine des Tourelles
Chateau Belle-Vue Domaine Iris
Chateau Fakra Domaine Najm
Chateau Ka Domaine Skaff
Chateau Kefraya Domaine Wardy
Chateau Khoury Heritage
Chateau Marsyas Ixir
Chateau Musar Karam Winery
Chateau Qanafar Krumna
Chateau Victor Massaya
Clos de Cana Nabise Mont Liban
Coteaux de Botrys Nakad Winery
Coteaux du Liban Reserve Ammiq
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