Faces & Stories

Souk el Tayeb is an organization made up of hundreds of farmers, producers,
cooks and employees. The success of the weekly Farmers Market , Tawlet and Tawlet Ammiq is due to the collective strength and commitment of these individuals.

Souk el Tayeb is committed to connecting its customers with the people growing, producing and preparing their food. The organic certifications many of the farmers have earned, the adherence to the Rules and Regulations laid out by Souk el Tayeb and the consultancy program offered by the Souk to any farmer or producer looking to improve their product helps ensure that only high quality, healthy and safe goods make it into the market or kitchen. The real guarantee of quality, however, is when the customer and the supplier have a relationship.

In the weekly market, farmers can regularly be found explaining to customers which cherry is best to use for a tart, but still sweet, pie; or allowing people to sample the difference between their wildflower and cedar honey. These are the moments and interactions that ensure customers are getting exactly what they want from people they know and trust.

The Souk el Tayeb story is hollow without the stories of so many of these wonderful individuals.