Georgina Al Bayeh

Imagine how two villages within five kilometres from each boasting, not one or two, but TWELVE different kinds of kibbeh”- Georgina Al Bayeh

Born in Kfardlekous, a village in North Lebanon, Georgina is from a family of olive growers. She studied psychology; however, fate and the birth of three children have set her on the path of home cooking and mouneh production.

At the start of every autumn, Georgina follows in the footsteps of an 85-year old family tradition of cold pressing olive oil. Georgina’s passion in the manufacture of olive oil is contagious; her description of the smell and beautiful site of orchards nestled in the high plains of Kfardlekous is guaranteed to prompt one to visit the area.

Georgina’s produce stems from her own kitchen, and she is currently expanding her working space to accommodate the growing demand for her homemade goodies. With her natural flare and support from family members, she has embarked on a full time career as a caterer of local goods and dishes from the area. Georgina juggles parental duties with her catering business and the completion of the atelier. Her vision is that one day her space will accommodate cooking classes complemented with a tour of the surrounding olive groves.

Georgina’s local farming ethics perpetuate through her dishes. Her most characteristic dishes include mjadrat mdardra (boiled lentils), war’a inab atee (stuffed vine leaves), mjadrat el loubieh (lentils and green beans), kebbet laqtine (stuffed burghul and beef patties), and mafrouket al burghul (pressed burghul wheat).

At Georgina’s stand, you can find local vegetarian delicacies based on seasonal availability. Georgina is a regular visiting chef at Tawlet, or alternatively, you can visit her beautiful house by the river in Kfardlekous where you can watch her prepare a feast and sample food from the land.