Josephine Ghaleb

Josephine Ghaleb

Cooking is my passion. When catering, I turn on the house’s central air conditioning system (AC) for the food to cool down slowly and to preserve its full flavor when served. Josephine Ghaleb

Josephine Ghaleb and her three sons first settled in the northern shores of Tripoli more than twenty years ago. Josephine’s passion for cooking started from a very young age when she would beg to help in the preparation of pastries for the family. As the years unfolded Josephine’s love for food grew stronger. Now she has built a strong repertoire of dishes that encompass Lebanese, Italian and French cuisine.

Josephine began her relationship with Souk el Tayeb by assisting a regular producer at the market and at Tawlet. She was fascinated by the concept and saw an opportunity to share her passion for food with a wider audience. She is committed to sharing the taste of the region through her dishes.

Josephine’s repertoire of dishes from the northern sea coast include: shish barak traboulsi (beef dumplings with Greek style yoghurt and garlic); lahm bi ‘ajine (Lebanese beef patties); yikhneh al djeij (chicken stew with white beans); makdous al batenjein (stuffed aubergines); layaleh lounbnan (scalded milk with semolina pistachios and honey); and ka’ak al arrouss (cookies)

When in season akoub (thistle) a native ingredient to the region can be found in some of Josephine’s dishes.

One of Josephine’s most humble practices is her “zero waste” philosophy, making good use of everything she has. A few years ago, she recalls spoiling a large order of buche de noël for Christmas and but managing to transform it into a succulent chocolate cake for her guests to taste.

Although her dream of studying gastronomy at a French culinary institute like her role model Julia Child was put on hold when she first gave birth, Tawlet gave her the opportunity to develop that talent and to share it with the wider community. Josephine confesses her love for the French capital and its influence on her cuisine, but admits a fascination with Italian traditions.
She dreams of opening her own restaurant one day specializing in diet food and cuisine légère whilst still preserving the intense flavors in an attempt to cater to the rising health awareness in the country.