Maurice Habib

My passion and desire is to provide the people with the best type of natural honey, Maurice Habib

Maurice Habib is Lebanon’s prime honey producer par excellence. Following in the family’s footsteps, Maurice has been in the business for over thirty years.
He harkens back the traditional feel of honey production by natural manufacturing methods. Maurice uses live extraction of honey at the Souk El Tayeb to promote honey production to the next generation. Considered an activity of the past, artisanal honey production is nearing extinction in Lebanon. If the next generation does not assume the task of natural production, Maurice may well be Lebanon’s last authentic honey producer! Maurice’s honey streams over three seasons: Spring (South) with orange flower and eucalyptus; Summer (Mid plains); and Autumn (Mountain) wild honey.
Maurice uses a single bee population, transferring it across all regions. In order to facilitate the implementation of production sites, Maurice works with local municipalities and farmers to move the bees from one area to the other.
Maurice uses his friends’ property to transfer the bees. Not only does this allow him to maintain a cyclic approach to honey production, but the farmers benefit greatly from the bee’s pollination, increasing their crop yields (and guaranteeing hefty supply of Maurice’s honey at the end of the season).

Stringent regulations and costs associated with organic certification are difficult to attain when one has to manage over fifteen different sites across the country. Maurice invests all of his time, and passion to ensure customers are provided with only the best natural honey.
Honey boasts a whole list of health benefits; a spoonful of Maurice’s honey will surely impress anyone who tries it. Its sweet taste and smooth textures hits all the right notes and is sure to impress the best of honey connoisseurs. Maurice established his own shop in Ras el Matn and distributes his product to a handful of hotels across Beirut, and has a loyal client base throughout Lebanon.