Nada & Nabil Saber

Originating from the vast lands of the Bekaa’ Valley, Nada and Nabil proudly carry on their rural roots. Kherbet Anafar is a small village in the west part of the Bekaa’ known for its wetlands.

For Nabil and Nada, it all started with their genuine love for food and their infinite patience to get just the right taste using the right ingredients. As Nabil says, “I could spend days of trial and error just to find the right smell, taste, and look”. Nada also has a passion for food and cookbooks, but according to Nabil, must attribute her mother-in-law for passing her rich knowledge of food.

Nada and Nabil haven’t always been known for their delicious traditional Lebanese dishes. It started with the business of processing fruits and vegetables into “mouneh” and fresh juices. Nabil admits the difficulty in making a simple fresh juice, knowing how to manipulate all the ingredients and factors contributing to the taste, but he says “this is my passion, and what I love to do. Perhaps that is why I’m so patient when it comes to finding the right taste”.

The Sabers are typically known for their many kinds of kebbeh (kebbet el la’tin, kebbet el raheb, zinkol, among other kinds) and the tabbouleh dish. Their specialties also include shich barak, shawarma, and fattet batenjen in laban. When it comes to desert, Nabil praises his wife’s sfouf and maacaroun bel debes.