Walid & Maysoun Nasserdin

Walid and Maysoun Nasr el Din are co-owners of Coara Ltd., which specializes in the manufacture of meat and dairy substitutes, and produces organic mouneh and macrobiotic food.

They joined Souk el Tayeb in 2005, and have watched the growth of their brand ever since. Coming from the professional background of engineering and architecture, Walid and Maysoun left these professions for the food industry because they strongly believe in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that included better food. They had a personal investment as well. Changing lifestyles has helped them overcome their own medical difficulties, and they now want to promote this lifestyle within their country.

The demand for vegan products in Lebanon is ever growing. The company has incorporated organic ingredients to promote a more sustainable lifestyle; feeling that they owe a duty to preserve the country’s farming sector and the environment.

We do not allow ourselves to consume animal derived products. We’re convinced that the more fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits we consume, the healthier, more focused and relaxed we will be. Also, I personally believe that the human body is more prone to consuming vegetables rather than animal products.

Walid and Maysoun are self-taught vegans for the past eight years. They learned most of their knowledge from in-country events, workshops, books and the internet. They believe the future for vegan and vegetarian diets is promising in Lebanon, and they have enjoyed watching the growing demand for their produce.