Lebanon’s Food Festivals

Food and Feast embraces Lebanese diversity and highlights local culture and food traditions of a village or a region – celebrating kebbeh in Ehden, fish in Batroun, karaz in Hammana, akkoub in Deir el Qamar, kaak bi haleeb in Marjeyoun…

More importantly, it is a further connection between urban and rural Lebanon. In 2006, the Farmers Market began with the goal of connecting people to the farmers and producers who make their food. In short, it brought the rural to the city.

Food and Feast extends that concept by encouraging city dwellers to visit the towns and villages where the cherries they love are grown or the mouneh they love is made. These festivals not only introduce people to these villages, but also empower local farmers, producers and aritsans by giving producers another market in which to sell their products.

Food and Feast seeks to promote Lebanon’s less touristic, less visited and less known villages/areas by collaborating with local authorities to create an event that will promote the village and its traditions.

In most Food and Feast festivals, Souk el Tayeb arranges:

  • A market for local producers to sell various products like: locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade mouneh, traditional local cuisines and traditional arts and crafts
  • A Village Lunch where visitors enjoy a number of different traditional dishes of the villages cooked by the villagers themselves.
  • Entertainment celebrating each regions specific feast activity through competitions (most delicious local dish, longest church bell ring) and traditional entertainment (zajal, dabkeh etc.)
  • Guided tours to promote each region’s specific natural beauty
  • Educational and entertaining kids activities specific to each village
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