Souk el Tayeb

Souk el Tayeb is first and foremost a forum for the farmers and producers of Lebanon. Everything, from the weekly 'Souk el Tayeb' farmers market to the Tawlet restaurants, is about empowering farmers and producers to earn a living and gain the respect their craft so richly deserves.

The quality of food served in Tawlet Beirut and Tawlet Ammiq and the amazing selection of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and mouneh available at the Saturday market are a direct reflection of the care and pride the farmers, producers and cooks of Lebanon take in their work.

Their stories define Souk el Tayeb. They represent every walk of life, every region and every tradition of this beloved land. In a country so often divided, they demonstrate on a daily basis the Souk el Tayeb motto: Make Food, Not War.

Whether in the market or one of the farmers' kitchens, they are always ready and available to explain just what makes their tabbouleh or kebbeh or mouneh so very tasty.