Tawlet: Mastering Our Culinary Traditions
This might be my fifth review about Tawlet, but I couldn’t resist sharing yet another great
experience. At Tawlet, everything is just outstanding, starting with the place itself, its ambiance,
its cosmopolitan clientele, the food and general relaxing spirit. I enjoy myself every time I go…
When I am looking to have some authentically healthy Lebanese cuisine, Tawlet is my choice.
This restaurant, located in Mar Mikaehl, has now become my weekly spot whenever possible and
the best part is that with every time comes a new experience, new flavor, a new taste… a new
journey into some of Lebanon’s real tasty and cultural treasures.


Souk El Tayeb : la table de la réconciliation

A Beyrouth, grâce à un projet unique associant un restaurant, un marché d’agriculteurs et un
programme de développement social, la diversité culturelle et gastronomique libanaise est mise à
profit pour promouvoir la réconciliation et la compréhension mutuelle.

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The MADFeed

From Beirut With Love: Souk El Tayeb

23 January 2014 • Rachel Khong

Last summer, we were finally able to bring the members of Souk El Tayeb, Lebanon’s first farmers market, to MAD. It was something we had dreamed about since 2011, when the community organizer Kamal Mouzawak spoke at the first symposium, introducing the audience to his organization and its guiding principle, “Make Food, Not War.” In the following essay, which appears in Lucky Peach’s MAD mini-magazine, Rachel Khong takes us back to Souk El Tayeb’s magical lunch on day one of the 2013 symposium. Added bonus: she’s included a recipe from Maria Doueihi, a member of Souk El Tayeb’s educational kitchen Tawlet.

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L’orient Le Jour

«Atayeb Zaman»: des réfugiées syriennes cuisinent pour oublier l’exil


Depuis cinq mois, « Atayeb Zaman » réunit des refugiées syriennes autour des fourneaux pour les aider
à dépasser et à oublier la misère de l’exil et l’horreur de la guerre.

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Al Shorfa

Syrian Refugees Revive their Country’s Cuisine


Syrian refugee Samira Ismail could not hide her delight at the queue of customers waiting to taste the
mouhammariya she was preparing on a Damascus-style sheet iron griddle in Beirut’s Souk el-Tayeb.

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L’Orient Le Jour

Tawlet a Paris: cuisine, mai aussi culture

Cette semaine, Kamal Mouzawak, l’homme derrière le restaurant Tawlet à Beyrouth, a investi la célèbre
table ronde du Marais à Paris, et il n’était pas seul : avec lui, deux cuisinières, Suzanne Doueihy des
montagnes de Ehden et Zainab Kashmar d’un village du Liban-Sud, si cher à mon cœur.

Yahoo News

Exiled in Lebanon, Syria refugees celebrate their cuisine












Despite their grief and sadness, Syrian refugees in Lebanon have found a way to feel useful,
to forget their exile and the anger of war through a great project in collaboration with
UNHCR, Caritas and Souk el Tayeb.

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Selamta Magazine

Bringing Lebanon’s Breadbasket to Table











Restaurants across the globe try to bring the farm to the table, but there aren’t many places
where you can gaze across your plate upon the farms themselves.

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The Irish Times

Make Food, Not War











Mouzawak’s idea was simple. Food unites people, dissolving difference and connecting place and a
shared history of food memories. Tayeb is Arabic for “good”, but it’s a rounded version of the word
that brings in ideas of tastiness as well as virtue.

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The Sydney Morning Herald

A hunger for travel: top 20 foodie experiences













Love Lebanese food? Then share it with others at a community-based “farmer’s kitchen” in the heart of
an organic fruit and vegetable market (souk) in Beirut.