Quality Assurance

Souk el Tayeb’s quality assurance system ensures that the Souk will remain a unique place for vendors to sell their products and for customers to buy high quality, home­grown, traditional, local produce.

The objective of the quality assurance system is to maintain the highest standards of health and safety through a proper internal inspection process for all of the products offered at Souk el Tayeb.

To achieve the following, Souk el Tayeb developed it’s own Rules and Regulations guide, which must be read and signed by every new farmer, producer or cook who wishes to join the organization. These Rules and Regulations were adapted after a careful study of international best practice to ensure stringent control on the goods sold at the farmers market and prepared in Tawlet.

Souk el Tayeb ensures proper control and inspection of the products [fruits and vegetables, processed food, cooked food, dry products and others] by:

  • Performing site visits to the farmers market in order to inspect the quality standards and adherence to the rules and regulations
  • Being present at Souk el Tayeb to provide farmers and producers with onsite assistance
  • Organizing field visits to understand the farmers and producers’ environment and day-to-day business and to assist them in their work.
  • Overseeing all cooking processes in the Tawlet and Tawlet Ammiq kitchen and hosting regular staff trainings in food handling and health and safety
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