Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Program is designed to build, reinforce and improve the skills of farmers, producers and cooks in both technical and non-technical ways. The technical aspect includes production support and consultation on agricultural and food processing techniques. The non-technical aspect focuses on providing assistance and guidance on sales and marketing, administration and accounting, as well as promotion.

One to One Consultancy
One to One Consultancy works to find solutions to problems identified at the souk or during field inspections. It can also be done at the producer or farmer’s request, if they have identified an area of their production that could use improvement or refinement.

Consultancy occurs in the farmer or producer’s premises, by experts in the field who are assigned based on the problem or need identified in the assessment.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and workshops are hosted at Tawlet, following the identification of a mutual need or problem facing a group of farmers or producers The quality manager at Souk el Tayeb identifies experts and specialists, in the field and collaborates with them to create training sessions that will benefit small-scale farmers and producers.

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Souk El Tayeb also invites other partners (NGOs, Foundations, Cooperatives…) to attend and benefit from these sessions.

Additionally, Throughout the year, the cooks of Tawlet get several chances to exchange experiences with professional chefs from Lebanon and visiting foreign chefs.