Doing Well and Doing Good

Souk el Tayeb is an experience in doing “well” and doing “good”.

“Entrepreneurship” and “advocacy” rarely met until the recent birth of “social entrepreneurs”.

Entrepreneurs normally belong to a world that promotes “income generation” and “profitability” above all else – leaving NGOs, charities and welfare associations to address social and environmental causes.

Today, however, social entrepreneurs are combining the best of both worlds – combining effective, meaningful social responsibility with rigorous management and organizational skills. In other words, they are doing “well” and doing “good”.

Our modest adventure, known as Souk el Tayeb, is an illustration of this principle.

By connecting consumers who value traditional, high quality, natural products to the producers who create them, we are not only helping farmers get a fair price for their goods but also preserving centuries old food traditions for future generations to enjoy.

Souk el Tayeb concept grew organically reaching a point where it has become a meeting place for people from different regions and beliefs who share the same goal – celebrating the land we love.

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We also share a passion for introducing and fostering environmentally-friendly practices in agriculture. We encourage organic and eco-friendly farming to improve the quality of food and health in Lebanon. We believe in teaching environmental awareness to future generations (through educational campaigns like Souk @ School), promoting green practices (through public awareness campaigns, el Tayeb Press and the el Tayeb Newsletter), and promoting regional and local traditions and food specialties, through our Food & Feast festivals.

Tawlet and Tawlet Ammiq’s, Souk el Tayeb’s farmers’ kitchens, are restaurants where each day a different cook prepares traditional meals from their region. Dishes like zenkol, samke harra, kebbeh bassalyieh, maftouleh, reshta… made fresh every day by a different cook creates a unique dining experience that unites a nation and tastes delicious!

Through its various projects, Souk el Tayeb has become the place in Lebanon to share life experiences and to raise awareness about healthy living, through education and information. A hub that combines both doing “well” and doing “good”.