Projects in Progress

1. Eco-Souk:

As Souk el Tayeb continues to grow, the Eco-Souk will become the permanent home of the Souk el Tayeb farmers market.

The Eco-Souk will be an environmentally minded space that serves as a market, a meeting place, a community garden, a kids eco-playground, a communal kitchen, a co-op shop and a mini sorting and recycling plant – all using green architectural practices, built from re-used and locally recycled materials and powered by clean, alternative energy.

This innovative concept brings Lebanese communities together in sustainable space that Beirut currently lacks and desperately needs.  The eco-market will become a microcosm of Lebanon where communities join in celebration of Lebanese rural and culinary traditions. It will represent sustainable practices, fair trade economic activity and improved social integration.

The Eco-Souk in brief:

  • A farmers market that will generate income for a growing number of rural farmers and producers from all over Lebanon
  • An organic and natural food restaurant using the produce of local farmers
  • A co-op shop to sell homemade, natural and organic produce
  • A green play area for kids, a vegetable garden and a tree nursery
  • A zero waste structure built from recycled, reused materials, providing the space and facilities to accommodate a large number of farmers, producers and visitors
  • A sorting and recycling unit for waste and water
  • A flexible dynamic space that can evolve over time to and according to needs
  • A platform for environmental awareness
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2. Communal Homes of Tradition (CHT):

Beit Loubnan/Communal Homes of Tradition (CHT) is a different approach to food sourcing that turns the model of farmers coming to the city to sell their goods on its head. Built on the solid experience Souk el Tayeb has gained through its weekly farmers market and the Food and Feast events hosted all over the country, Souk el Tayeb has partnered with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to develop Beit Loubnan/Communal Homes of Tradition (CHT).

These CHT Homes will be located in Lebanese villages and will serve as centers for traditional architecture, arts and crafts, sustainable agriculture, indigenous food and Lebanon’s legendary hospitality. Just as farmers and producers now come from their towns to Beirut for our weekly farmers market, city dwellers will soon get a chance to go from their urban homes to the rural areas of Lebanon to visit Beit Loubnan and experience first hand the care and passion with which their food is produced.

The goal of this program is to prevent the traditions and crafts of rural Lebanon from dying out by creating a market for these goods in the rural communities of Lebanon.

Five CHT’s, in each of five regions of Lebanon, will be named after the village in which it is located (Beit Bsous, Beit Assia, etc.)

Beit Loubnan in brief

  • An arts and crafts workshop where artisans of the region will produce crafts and foodstuffs and share their skills with other artisans and visitors in an effort to preserve these important arts.
  • An exchange workshop where local and international architecture and design students will come to learn and artists will be able to work in a friendly, cooperative and creative environment
  • A Bed and Breakfast with rooms available for rent
  • A “Table d’Hôte” restaurant offering local and traditional specialties prepared by the producers of the region
  • A shop where all CHT products will be available for sale
  • A traditional kitchen where local farmers, producers and cooks will prepare homemade food daily for the restaurant “Table d’Hôte” and “mouneh” for the shop
  • A kitchen garden with fresh produce maintained by the local farmers that will feature sustainable agricultural practices (both organic and traditional)

CHT will be a home – not simply a place to buy and sell, but a center to share knowledge, ideas and life skills; a place where all are welcome at the “Table d’Hôte” or to stay the night. It will be just like “going back home”.

3. Souk at School

Souk @ School is the project through which Souk el Tayeb cooperates with educational institutions. Through this project, Souk el Tayeb will provide a number of programs to schools, from organizing field trips to farms to creating sustainable gardens in the schoolyard.

These programs will be tailor-made to complement the educational goals and
 yearly plans of the schools. The goal of Souk @ School is to extend Souk el Tayeb’s values of green living and embracing Lebanese traditions to the youth.

Sample Programs

  • A Day in the Life of a Producer
  • A Day with Souk el Tayeb
  • Ahla w Sahla bel Shabeb
  • Canteen el Tayeb (Souk @ School / Cooking Class)
  • Jnainet el Tayeb

Souk @ School in brief

  • Audience learns about sound agricultural practices and, more specifically, organic and natural agriculture
  • Learn about processed food (mouneh production and other Lebanese traditional production processes)
  • Raised awareness about green living and healthy eating
  • Sensitized youth towards career opportunities in agriculture and environment
  • Acquaints students with their roots & traditions