Structure and Team






Kamal Mouzawak, Founder

As the son of a farmer and producer, food and agriculture have always been Kamal’s passion. From food and travel writer to a macrobiotic cooking teacher, to hosting a TV show about healthy living, Kamal has long been a proponent of good food and the values of family, friendship and hospitality that surround it. He created Souk el Tayeb in 2004 and has actively developed and built the institution. Kamal is in charge of the strategic development of the institution as well as its promotion.

Christine Codsi, Managing Partner

After 10 years in business consultancy, Christine, now dedicates herself to actively managing and developing the Souk el Tayeb organization, bringing with her a strong business background and experience in social enterprises.

Jihane Chahla, Quality Assurance
After graduating from university with a degree in agricultural engineering, Jihane created the quality control system of Souk el Tayeb. She is currently responsible for ensuring that the farmers who work with Souk el Tayeb adhere to the rigorous rules and regulations the farmers market insists upon to ensure safety and quality. Jihane developed the quality manual for Tawlet and leads all capacity building projects of Souk El Tayeb.

Nicholas Gholam, Souk Manager
Nicholas is responsible for organizing and delivering the farmers market every week; he also organizes all events including the “Food and Feast” festivals held across Lebanon.

Rana Zein, Chief Accountant
She holds a “General Accounting Certificate” and has a background in biochemistry. Rana handles all the finances and accounting.

Fadi Ayoub, Tawlet Chef
A previous military officer, it wasn’t long until he discovered his true love was cooking. He is now the very talented Chef at Tawlet.

Sami Moussallem, Catering Manager
One of the first members of Tawlet family, Sami has a background in hotel management and is responsible for all the catering events.

Elie Ibrahim, Host
Elie has a degree in hotel management and has been with Tawlet since 2009 where he is responsible for service and welcoming.

Djony Kiwan, Tawlet Ammiq Chef
Djony’s 15 years of experience in food and cooking, especially Lebanese cuisine, has allowed her to become the chef of Tawlet Ammiq since its opening in 2012.

Nizar Logistics
Nizar Logistics has been with Souk El Tayeb since the very first farmers market, and is responsible for logistics and the set up of the Souk el Tayeb market.