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Events & Weekly Menu

Events & Weekly Menu



Tawlet Ammiq

"Shou Tabkhin Bi Ammiq El Yom?"

What’s cooking in Ammiq?

Tawlet Ammiq is Souk el Tayeb’s second farmer's’ kitchen nestled in the heart of the ancient Ammiq village, boasting panoramic views across the Bekaa Valley. The vision behind its creation is to celebrate the local cultural heritage and culinary traditions of Ammiq and the region.

Most of those living in the village work in agriculture, and because of this, Ammiqs municipality is committed to initiating environmentally friendly practices - ensuring the land, and thus the livelihood of those living here, will be sustained for generations.

Through Tawlet Ammiq, local producers are now able to showcase their traditions, crops, and techniques, while encouraging Ammiq cooks to rediscover their wonderful old recipes and customs.

The Eco-Restaurant

Architecture and Setting

Tawlet Ammiq is housed in one of the greenest buildings in Lebanon. The building was constructed with a thoughtful architectural design that includes high environmental performance features, allowing it to contribute to the conservation of natural resources, helping to ensure it protects the biodiversity of the region.

Among its environmentally conscious features are Canadian wells, a unique insulation system (including a high-thermal performance building envelope), solar chimneys, a green roof, a naturally-assisted cooling system, and a solar energy system that allows lighting and water heating to be provided with a minimum environmental cost. This environmentally friendly building is also a smoke-and-music-free environment. In total the building uses 80% less energy to operate than conventional construction, and all waste (mostly organic) is sorted and recycled.

The interiors are designed by the Tawlet team, and much of the art and decor has been made and produced by local artisans and craftsmen. The chairs are modeled on original Rietveld patterns from reused pallet wood, as are the tables and the shelving (pallet) columns, the decorative birds are the creation of Nadine Abou, inspired by the many birds of Ammiq, while the distinctive “Ammiq jars” are designed by Alexandra Warde.

Our Partners

The project is part of a regional program that supports protected sites in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, funded by the Swiss Development Agency (SDC) and implemented by Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN). The eco-restaurant was established to support the conservation efforts of Al-Shouf Cedar Society and A Rocha, on land generously donated by Skaff Estate.

Opening Hours

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Buffet- 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Set buffet (desserts & beverages included): Starting March 23.

Weekday set menu 38$ per person.

Weekend buffet 48$ (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) per person.

Kids weekday buffet 19$, Kids weekend buffet 24$.

All prices include VAT