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Events & Weekly Menu

Events & Weekly Menu




Deir El Qamar

Some activities you would love to do to discover the area!

Eat & Drink

Tawlet El Qamar

There is a reason why our restaurant is a popular place for visitors, tourists, and locals alike. The sprawling outdoor area with dining seating, lounge seating, shade, and sweeping views could not provide a better atmosphere from which to enjoy a coffee, glass of wine or arak, and our delicious regional cuisine.

Indoor Activities

Cooking Classes

We offer cooking classes at Beit El Qamar! For individuals or groups, learn how to make a traditional meal with our local chefs. Contact us for more information or to book a class.

Outdoor Activities

Shouf Biosphere Reserve

The cedar forests at the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, and Ammiq’s wetlands, valleys and mountains, make these ideal places for outdoor activities like walking, hiking, bird watching, biking, and for educational activities and green education programs for students www.shoufcedar.org. The Ammiq Wetland is a remnant of extensive marshes and lakes that once covered large parts of the Bekaa Valley. Stretched over 100 hectares, this last significant wetland in Lebanon serves as an important staging and wintering area for migratory waterbirds en route from Europe to Africa.

Baaklen Waterfall

This small waterfall is infamous throughout the country for their beauty but still remains largely unknown to visitors. It is a perfect way to spend a few hours – and don’t forget your swimsuit, and to pack some food to enjoy on the rocks.

Kfarhim Grotto

A short drive from Baaklen Waterfall, this 4-million-year-old grotto was only just discovered in 1974. Pairing the two together is a great way to spend time outdoors.

Places of Interest

Beit El Dine

Discover Beit El Dine, a historic and beautifully preserved town in the Shouf District. The village overlooks the valley of the River Damour, and is home to one of Lebanon’s jewels, the Beiteddine Palace. The palace was built in 1804 by Emir Bashir Shehab II - a loyal vassal of the Ottomans who ruled Lebanon from 1789 to 1840. The palace was his private residence where he occasionally housed government until he was forced into exile in 1840.

Saidet et Tallé

Also known as Our Lady of the Hill this 15th-century church is what gives Deir El Qamar its name. After your visit, walk through the trails and stairs beneath the church, discovering the oldest residential area in the Chouf.

Mosque of Fakreddine 1st Maan

Build in 1493, this stands as Mount Lebanon’s first mosque. Notice that its octagonal minaret is slightly tilted due to the earthquake in 1630.

Moussa Castle

In a country full of ancient heritage, this castle has a heartwarming origin unlike anything else in the country. Inside is a museum with weapons artifacts, and jewelry, and impressive stained glass. To learn about what makes this place so special, read the story here http://bit.ly/2HxEIXI