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Events & Weekly Menu

Events & Weekly Menu





Some activities you would love to do to discover the area!

Assia’s pottery

Discover the regional pottery of Assia with Sana Jabbour, who follows her family’s footsteps in traditional pottery making. Contact her directly at +961-03-630-626, or you can also visit her at Souk El Tayeb on Saturdays downtown at the Beirut Souks.



A very cozy place overlooking Bahsa bay, best known for its sunset drinks.


+ 961 3 30 29 29



Bahsa Batroun is one of the cities free beaches - don't forget your towel! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bahsa-Batroun/280964451931778

Eat & Drink

Tawlet Biomass

Take a drive to visit our Tawlet Biomass – our open kitchen restaurant located on a sustainable farm. It is a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather and delicious food, and to see first-hand where many of the products we use come from.

La Ferme St. Jacques

La Ferme St. Jacques has been in the production of duck liver and duck products for over ten years – making it a unique place to visit for those who love food (especially foie gras!). You can reach them through their website at http://www.lafermestjacques.com/premises/.

Sept Winery

An understated gem, Sept in Nahla, Batroun is a biodynamic winery not to be missed - the wine and atmosphere are truly unique, making it an experience you will never forget. Visit their website to read about their story, and how to get in touch to plan your visit https://levinsept.com/.

Le Garage

Facing Mar Estphan church this is Batrouni lemonade at its best! 


Darma Ji

This yoga and wellness centre in Batroun holds yoga classes, has a juice bar, and holds wellness activities and workshops! Visit http://www.darmaji.com/ for class details, and to learn more about what is going on during your visit.

Indoor Activities

Cooking Classes

We offer cooking classes at Beit Douma! For individuals or groups, learn how to make a traditional meal with our local chefs. Contact us for more information or to book a class.

Outdoor Activities

Liban Trek

When it comes to ecotourism, there is no business more established than Liban Trek. Founded in 1997, they were the first ecotourism company in the country, and have expanded to offer a huge range of outdoor activities, including hiking and trekking, cross-country skiing, caving, and camping. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or family, they are a fantastic resource to plan any outdoor adventure. Visit them at http://www.libantrek.com/category.jhtm?cid=2.

Hiking and Trekking

Chalita Tanios has been offering hikes and treks throughout the region for years. If you are looking for an excursion around Tannourine and Doumet, he is the person to call. Mobile: +961-03-223-428

Discover Lebanon

Offering another thorough resource for your tour demands, offering everything from cultural tours to hikes throughout the country. You can visit their website for a list, and contact information to book something that fits what you are interested in http://www.discoverlebanon.com/en/travel-tours/index.php.

Rock Climbing & Slacking

With all of our mountains, it should come as no surprise that rock climbing and slacking are growing in popularity! Whether you are new or experienced, contact the Lebanese Climbing Association to organize a climb or two http://www.lebaneseclimbingassociation.org/sportsclimbing.

Tannourine Fawqa and Balou Balaa

Located in the town of Tannourine Fawqa in Batroun, Balou Balaa (also called The Cave of Three Bridges) is a stunning, three-story waterfall inside of a cave, with, you guessed it, a natural bridge on each level. Some have traced it back 160 million years, making it the oldest waterfall in the world! Once you’re there, join a hike. Or contact the Balou Balaa guide, Fadi Chaeer, at +961.03.700.071 or +961.76.700.071. And, while you’re there, visit the villages of Tannourine El Tahta and Tannourine El Fawqa.

The Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve

This is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. For everything you need to plan your visit, visit Wild Lebanon’s website http://www.wildlebanon.org/en/pages/sit/tannourine.html.


Discover Batroun by bike with Routes! Visit https://www.facebook.com/Routeslb/ or call +961 76338762 for details on tours available and prices. 

Places of Interest


Take a stroll through Douma, and don’t forget to bring your camera! It is a beautiful example of a traditional Lebanese village - and be sure to visit the old souk. There is also a heritage village, or go pick up local specialties like Halawa, Turkish Delights, and the infamous Zahlwi ice cream!

Bziza Roman Remains

Between Tannourine and Tripoli, Bziza is a Maronite village that stands on top of ruins from past earthquakes. It is home to several churches and the monastery of St. Elias and boasts Roman ruins in the area of Koura.